Over my time spent researching craft beer in Philadelphia, I’ve found some really helpful resources. Here are links to each of them, along with descriptions of each.

Visit Philadelphia Craft Beer Trail

Visit Philadelphia compiled a list of over 50 craft breweries and brewpubs in the Greater Philadelphia area. This site has been extremely  helpful when looking for new content to produce. Along with the staple breweries in Philly, this site has some of the lesser-known craft brewing locations as well. Looking to find info on a new craft beer experience? Check them out.

Beer Advocate

The Beer Advocate is a site dedicated solely to craft beer reviews. This is a great resource when looking for a preliminary opinion on a beer. I will often visit Beer Advocate to compare my thoughts on a beer with that of others in the field.

Foursquare Reviews

If you don’t know Foursquare, it’s a tool that people can use to check-in to destinations and leave reviews. For craft beer exploration, this is particularly helpful as it gives you a wide range of options to score your next brew.

Philly Tap Finder

This site is a craft beer lovers go to for finding your favorite brews on tap. You can just enter your beer and find out where it’s being served! You can filter by brewery and find out if a specific brewery is being poured nearby. This is key for finding your next craft destination.