What was your inspiration for starting The Beerly Review?

Well, I like beer…a lot. I enjoy finding new concoctions; trying them out. I used to explore websites, looking for beer reviews , but they all felt snobby. So I solved that problem. I have created this awesome site that reviews all kinds of beer, but has a down-to-earth mentality. I don’t care about the “earthy undertones” a beer has because, honestly, it’s not that complex. What the hell is an undertone anyway? Yes, the process to produce beer is complex and some beers have some interesting flavors, but come on. Beers are either good, they’re great, or they’re just meh…well sometimes they’re just bad, but how often does that happen? It’s beer!

What can I find on The Beerly Review?

Just what I described above! Some honest, down to earth, reviews. I’m here to help you get some insight into what a specific beer is going to taste like before you buy. More often than not, the name on the bottle or can isn’t enough to describe what it’s going to taste like.

Why the heck should I trust your beer judgement?

I give an honest opinion on a topic that’s incredibly subjective. Often, reviews are done with the motive of selling the product they’re reviewing. I’m here to give you honest reviews, with no influence but my own. As a wee lad, I started off in crappy beer land, Illinois, then Philadelphia opened my eyes and taste buds to the wonders of craft beer. I have been drinking [good] beer since I moved here my preferences have been all over the place. When I started drinking I preferred heavier beers to lighter beers, later on I preferred stronger beers to lighter beers, and now I’m back to heavier beers. I’ve just accepted the fact that it changes based on my mood so hopefully I’m not angry when I post.

Cheers to that,