Chai Hai There!

Avery Brewing Co., in Colorado, has been brewing quality craft beers for a while now. Hold on, I’m in Philly so why am I writing about them? My name is Avery and I’ve had a tiny obsession with this brewery ever since finding out it was named after me (it definitely was).

As an Avery, which I’m sure many of you are, having the name comes with great responsibility. Therefore, you must drink Avery beers responsibly and with class.  
I’ll list a few of the Avery beers I’ve tried so far and what I think of each of them.

Classy beer kegs
  1. Avery Liliko’i Kepolo Belgian White Ale, 5.4% ABV: At first glance, this beer seems straightforward. The can breathes Hawaiian vibes so I expected a light, tropical ale. While that assertion seems legit, the beer ended up being completely different from what I expected. This beer tastes like a sour ale, but it’s light enough that you could have two or three before wanting to move on to the next beer in your collection. Late summer/early fall would be great times to enjoy a brew like Liliko’i Kepolo. Just try saying the name and you’ll already be in the mood to have a sip. Disclaimer, only get this beer if you are feeling adventurous or already like sours. This one is good, but definitely not what you’d expect from looking at the can. I give this one a 6.7/10.
  2. Avery Raja Double IPA, 8.0% ABV: Local 44, a bar in West Philly, puts on this awesome event one Wednesday every month called “beer school”. They feature about four beers each time, with weekly theme. The week they featured IPAs, the Raja Double IPA was on the list of four. It was super hoppy and strong to boot. At 8.0% ABV this double IPA packs a punch. Hops are all the rage nowadays. Whether you’re part of the hipster crowd or not, it’s the truth. Exclusively making your beer extra hoppy won’t get you in with the cool kids. The Raja Double IPA has the hoppy aroma you’d expect of a strong IPA; prepare yourself. If you don’t like hoppy beers, this one definitely isn’t for you, but if you’re brave enough (or already prefer the stronger beers), give this one a go. It has an awesome balance between hoppiness and strength. I give this one a 7.8/10.
  3. Avery Chai High, 5.0% ABV: Just by looking at the name of this beer, several thoughts come to mind. The first thing I was saying to myself was, “I hope this wasn’t a huge mistake”. So many of the herby/flavored beers are just gross. They’re done wrong and leave a terrible taste in your mouth. But I was feeling up to the challenge so bought a couple cans and took the risk. On their site, Avery Brewing Co. claims this beer is only available in the tasting room. Well guess what? I found some at Total Wine & Spirits in Cherry Hill. Only about a 15 minute drive from downtown Philly, this is a clutch find. I saw it on the shelf, picked it out and drove home. It was surprisingly amazing. This brew has the perfect balance between the brown ale base and the hints of chai. They’re not even hints, it distinctlytaste like a cup of iced chai tea that was perfectly blended with a classic brown ale. Definitely the best of both worlds. With flavored beers, you’re always walking a tight rope, but this beer falls on the right side of that line and remains one of the best flavored beers I’ve had. On top of that, they chai is sourced locally and organically so you’re doing a good thing for the environment too. Woot woot drinking and saving the planet! So unexpectedly good, had to give this one an awesome score. I give this a 9.3/10.

I’ll stop with those three, but don’t be surprised if more Avery beers show up in other posts. Sharing a name with a brewery has its perks. Check out their website here for a complete list of beers they offer.

If you’re looking for a new beer to try, of the three, I’d definitely suggest the Chai High. The only caveat; you have to look really hard for it.

Leave a funny, snarky, or serious comment and you’ll win a prize. Or maybe you won’t, only one way to find out!

I wish I had this many friends.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. alehedlund1 says:

    Great post! As someone from Hawaii, I loved reading about the Lilikoi Kepolo–it’s really not that hard to say! Also the captions of the photos are really funny.


  2. joerockwell says:

    This is a great post! Local 44 is a great bar to visit for craft beers, and hopefully you introduced some of your readers to there.


  3. jgallsite says:

    I really enjoyed this post! Not really a chai fan, but I am interested in trying the chai high based on your thoughts about it.


  4. Avery's Biggest Fan says:

    I learned some new things about beer by reading this witty and informative post! Do you have a margin of error with your ratings? Say, +/- 0.3?


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