Beer/Brewery Review: Harpoon, Sam Adams

This week was long, tiresome one at best. By the end of the weekend, I was drained…at best. And the best solution to being exhausted? Beer, beer, beer.

I visited Boston over the New Year and made several landmark brewery stops while on vacation. The first brewery I traveled to was Harpoon in the seaport district of the city.

These are the flights we got, and that’s my uncle on the right.

What stuck out most was how incredibly busy the place was. We came with the intention of going on a tour. The place opens at 11AM so we got there at noon thinking it would be no problem. WRONG!

The next available tour that day was at 5PM…so we went to the bar, got beers, got pretzels and left. While it wasn’t a complete disappointment, it did leave a lot to be desired.

So fast forward to the next morning. We have a 10AM brewery tour reservation at Sam Adams. Now I was already more than looking forward to this because we were guaranteed a tour (definitely not because I got to start drinking at 10AM).

We got to taste 4 img_1309different beers throughout the tour and the Winter Lager stuck out to me. There was just something about it. Nothing over the top, but it wasn’t simplistic either.

So I came back to Philly and bought a case.

Flavor wise, it’s definitely on the malty side of things. If you don’t know what that means…basically it taste full, slightly heavier than a normal lager. It tastes warm too, if that makes sense. At the end of a long day of work, followed by night class, this was perfect.

It was refreshing without being too light and definitely lives up to the name. Here it is, pictured below in the souvenir glass I got on the tour.

I give this one a 7.4/10…whatever that means.

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  1. alehedlund1 says:

    Despite your slightly disappointing visit to Harpoon, it seems like you had a great trip and got something great out of it in the end! Thanks for explaining in your own words the “malty” taste. I love the picture at the end with the can and the beer in the Sam Adams glass.


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